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2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box

Unboxing the 2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box | The Big Reveal

The BIG day is finally here! Reveal Day! Join us in unboxing the 2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box, the newest release from our Celebration Collection. We will reveal all the products and goodies of the box and provide some basic tips on how to style these items with your other Halloween decor. Spooky season is upon us and who doesn't love some creepy and vintage inspired holiday decor?

The 2023 Celebrate Halloween Box

This has been a highly anticipated Steal it Box since we introduced the Celebration Collection with our Celebrate America Steal it Box. Our product development and buying team worked tirelessly to curate an amazing collection of Halloween decor for an even more amazing price. Once you see the items below, some may look very familiar if you take a peek down the "Road" where the prices are "Grand in" comparison to our entire box. Our Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box is designed for outdoor use, but can easily be used inside as well. All of the items are also themed to be used together, but can obviously be separated and styled individually based on your personal Halloween theme.

Unboxing the 2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box


  • Light Up Witches, Set of 2 - this Set of 2 LED Witch Stakes are the perfect frightening spectacle. Their stakes help to create the illusion that they are floating while their glowing heads are sure to radiate a sinister feeling at night. Place these in your yard and turn on their timer battery packs to instantly have witches haunting your home. Tie their sleeves together to style them as holding hands. Style them next to your Witch Property Metal Sign or Hammered Metal Cauldron for a full scene.

Light Up Witches

  • Metal Cauldron with Removeable Stand - This gem is as beautiful as it is spooky. There are so many ways to style and display this 100% hammered metal cauldron. The quality is undeniable is unique piece comes with a stand so that you can add some height and display by your front door or use the included felt pads to style directly on a tabletop or floor. This cauldron is outdoor safe and would look gorgeous styled with some bright yellow mums. Looking for a spookier vibe? Put a fog machine or spooky flickering lights inside to create the illusion that something wicked is brewing. This cauldron is not water tight but no worries…. we included a pan liner to place inside if you choose to go the less spooky floral route.

Metal Cauldron with Stand

  • Hanging Bat Skeletons, Set of 3 - These skeleton bats are sure to create a spooky vibe in any space. Hang them upside down by their feet, one-by-one, scattered around your house, or interlock the whole set together by the wings, to create a spooky garland. Our Skeleton Bats are versatile for display anywhere in your home. The head and jaw move on each so that you can create your very own spooky styling.

Hanging Bat Skeletons

  • Witch Property Metal Sign with Stakes - This Witch Property Metal Sign gives all the creepy vibes that Halloween has to offer! This distressed finish high quality metal sign will keep all of your visitors on high alert. This versatile piece comes with attachable stakes so that you can display in your lawn or use the built in hangers on the back to place on the wall in your family room. It is created of heavy iron and will withstand any outdoor conditions.

Witch Property Metal Sign

  • Metal Raven Cut-Out - You do not want to miss out on this unique Metal Raven Cutout. Display this raven in your garden, lawn, courtyard, backyard or even in your home. All you need is a hammer to tap in this charming beauty. Just nail it directly into tree, post, fence or anywhere else (pre-drill if it is a hard wood). You can also place this eerie character on your wall by using double sided tape.

Metal Raven Cut-out

Spooky Extras

  • Artwork Postcard - As in most of our Steal it Boxes, you can find a cool postcard that can be framed and/or displayed for a unique little accent print. In this case, the artwork is imagery that matches the box design. If you have our 2021 Winter Steal It Box, we included a gold frame that works well with all our postcards each box to swap in and out.


  • Cheesecloth Spiderweb DIY Instructions - Fun for the whole family! We included a simple and affordable DIY project that everyone can get involved with. Create some creepy spiderwebs all over your house to really take your Halloween decor to the next level.
  • Downloadable Box Artwork Prints - Everyone has been in love with the box itself. So guess what? We have a great surprise for you - downloadable prints! There is a QR code provided to you in your style guide to link to different size downloadable prints of the box artwork. Feel free to print, frame, and display how you wish along with all your Halloween decor. The vintage Halloween vibe these prints give will make your decor stand out immediately.

2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box

Styling your Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box

We included some basic tips in this blog, and more will surely come from us, influencers, and customers as they received and start decorating for the Holiday season. We mentioned that this box is suited for outdoor use, but the thing that really stands out with these items is the flexibility for creativity. We can't wait to see what you guys, our customers, come up with as we feel like we have the most creative community out there. The witches and cauldron alone can really turn into a cool scene depending on how creative you want to get with illusion, smoke, dry ice, strobe lights, etc. If you haven't already, join our Steal It Box Facebook community to join in on the fun and share ideas.


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  • Robin Waite

    I sure hope they bring this back I would love to have the 2033 Halloween Box
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Robin!

    Be sure to click the “notify me when available” button to sign up!


  • Connie

    How do we get wrinkles out?!

  • S m geiger

    Love the sign…

  • Decor Steals

    Hi Arlene, you can click through any of the images or links in the blog and get to the product page for the Halloween Box. You can also access it from our homepage or the ‘Steal it Box’ menu on our site. Hope this helps!


    Watching “The Pink Envelope” ❤ love this Halloween box! Glad to discover your company.

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