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Washable Rugs
Washable Rugs

Washable Rugs

Area rugs are stylish and cozy, but cleaning them is a hassle—unless they're machine washable! Find the best washable rugs that are perfect for busy homes with pets and kids. Stylish and practical, these rugs make life easier.

Washable Rugs

Area rugs add a touch of style and comfort to any home, but cleaning them can be a real pain. Traditional rugs need extra care when spills happen, but with machine washable rugs, you get the best of both worlds. Perfect for high-traffic areas or homes with pets and kids, these rugs are super easy to care for—just throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

At Decor Steals, we've got an amazing selection of washable rugs in a variety of designs and colors. You don't have to sacrifice style for function anymore. Our machine washable rugs keep your home looking fabulous while being practical for everyday life. So, whether you're dealing with muddy paws, spills, or just daily wear and tear, these rugs are your new best friend. Find the perfect washable rug for your home at Decor Steals today and make cleaning a breeze!

Benefits of Machine Washable Rugs

Got pets, kids, or just a busy home? Washable rugs from Decor Steals are your answer! No need for pro cleaning or scrubbing out stains—just toss them in the washer. Pets and kids can be messy, but with washable rugs, cleanup is a breeze.

These rugs are also perfect for allergy sufferers. Regular rugs can trap dust and pet dander, but machine washing with hot water helps get rid of those allergens.

How to Wash Machine Washable Rugs?

It’s super easy to wash these rugs. Just place them in the washing machine with the reverse side up. Use non-bleach detergents—skip the bleach and fabric softener. For tough stains, pretreat with dish soap and wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. These rugs work in front-loading, top-loading, and washer-dryer combos.

How Should I Dry Washable Rugs?

Air drying is best to avoid wrinkles. If you use a dryer, expect some wrinkles, but they'll smooth out in 1-2 weeks with regular use. Your rug will look brand new!

Can I Use Detergent When Washing My Machine Washable Rug?

Yes, you can use non-bleach detergents. Avoid Borax or EC3. For tough stains, pretreat with dish soap, then wash in cold water.