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Promotions Policy

Do you ever walk into a store and see something you JUST bought go on sale? Or you make it all the way to the store and you forgot that dang coupon? This doesn't feel great, and we don't want to put you through this.

At Decor Steals we believe in honest to goodness prices which means we rarely, and we mean RARELY (almost NEVER) offer promo codes or coupons. Why? Because we believe that the price we offer you should ALWAYS be the lowest possible price. We never mark our products up in order to give discounts. We just don't believe in it! We're a daily deal site which means you can guarantee that the price you see is always the best deal on deal day. If you see other websites that claim to have Decor Steals promo codes, please report them to us via our contact us. These are fake and can't be used on our website.

For additional information, visit our FAQ page or Contact Us.