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Creating Spooky Elegance: Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decor

Creating Spooky Elegance: Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decor

Are you ready to transform your home into a spooky, vintage-inspired wonderland this Halloween season? Look no further than Décor Steals for a treasure trove of hauntingly beautiful decorations. From bewitching banquet table settings to eerie yard adornments, their collection has something for every Halloween enthusiast. As a creative decorator, I couldn't resist the allure of Décor Steals, and I've handpicked some of my favorite Halloween Decor steals to share with you in this article. So join me on a journey to create a spine-tingling Halloween atmosphere that combines the nostalgia of the past with the excitement of the present.

Broom Tiered Tray Halloween Decor

Halloween Buckets
A few of my favorite Décor Steals Halloween Decor items are, the 2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal It Box, three Halloween buckets with vintage orange and black graphics, a tiered broom serving tray perfect for pumpkin spice anything, two ghost candlesticks, three chippy white metal pumpkins in varied sizes, and a fantastic distressed black bench that goes with every style of Halloween pillows!

Laundry Basket

There are a few styling tips I always keep in mind before starting:

  1. Decide on a theme.

    A story’s main character is supported by its cast and together they help tell the story. Above all, the 2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal It Box makes coming up with this year’s story theme happen easily. It screamed...A Witch’s Party! For me, the cauldron was the star. Additionally, I admit I have a soft spot for a good cauldron. This one was HUGE! As soon as I saw it, I had visions of billowing smoke rolling over its hammered sides.  Topped off with a red ember faux fire placed easily under the attached stand.
  2. Don’t be afraid to alter purchased props.

    The two witches in the Steal It Box were great, but I wanted just a bit more action from them. So a piece of wire placed through the body and into each arm allowed them to raise their arms for a more dramatic pose. I also added a few bunched-up plastic bags to fill out the upper body. I also attached some fishing line to put them in place. As a result, now they were floating and frightening!Witch Tips
  3. Plot out the space to be decorated.

Look around the space and decide where the big moments will be. so don’t forget to look up, all around the sides, and at the ground. Is there a walk up moment? Will there be seating? In my case, I knew I wanted to decorate a small greenhouse. So this meant I had an entrance moment. Here I could place the witch sign and some bats to greet the audience and begin the experience. My green house interior was already wrapped in vines. But wouldn’t it be creepier if I added a tall spindly tree spray painted black that would allow me to hang spooky ornaments and string lights on? In the back was a fountain. I could add pond mister there for some drama. Under the tree’s spooky branches I could place a small table and chairs perfect to add some additional characters. Figure out where to place the biggest decor elements first then fill in with the supporting cast.2023 Celebrate Halloween Steal it Box

4. Add some special effects to really sell the story.

For the star centerpiece of my scene setup, I placed the cauldron in the center on the small table under the branches. It was a perfect fit. Now for some behind the scenes magic...inside the cauldron I placed a black plastic bowl filled with water sitting on top of a brick. I placed a professional pond mister into the water and draped a few plastic plants to hide the cord of the mister in the back of the cauldron. In order to make the white misty fog green, I suspended a small flashlight with a green light several of feet above the cauldron and hid the light among the branches overhead. Below the cauldron I put several strands of yellow and red string lights and placed real branches round and over the lights. The effect was a realistic smoldering fire. Two plastic rats on either side of the fire turned up the creepy feel. Finally, I placed a small white light pointed low at the front of the cauldron to highlight the great metal texture of the cauldron sides. So turn on the mister and let the perfect brew begin!       

Cauldron TipsCauldron5. Add some natural nature textures to the space to help set the scene.

Branches, moss, vines, leaves, or spider webs (the cheesecloth variety is the easiest to decorate with). These elements can add to the feeling of nighttime, a haunted forest, or an abandoned building or forgotten rooms. Above all it can really heighten the scare level. In addition, it makes it easier to hide cords or conceal areas that might not look spooky enough or spots you just don’t want seen.


In short, this year’s decorating was so much fun! I can’t wait for the kids to get dressed up in costumes and admire all the Halloween Decor that will frame this year’s memories of my favorite time of year. Meanwhile, my kids know where I’ll be. I’ll be sitting comfortably in style on my favorite black bench, snuggled between my many favorite pillows of orange and black, and listening for the little trick or treaters to come knocking at my door. So I’ll definitely be waiting with my vintage Halloween buckets filled to the brim with candy. Near by I'll have put out the broom tiered tray full of pumpkin spice treats for my older visitors. I'll bask in the glow of my ghostly candle holders with a trio of distressed white pumpkins at my feet. The story all around me reads like a spooky tale of old. Many voices will be calling throughout the night, Trick or Treat!
I’ll smile and call back in my best spooky witch voice...“Happy Halloween!“ It’s that I’ve been saying to myself every day of the season. That’s what decorating should be for...memories of being happy. Be sure to share with Decor Steals your Halloween decorating photos and ideas on how you used their products. Also, feel free to visit for more ideas!

Lynne Mitchell, co-author of the How to Haunt Your House, book series and creator of website.

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  • Tonya Walls

    Do the witches in the Halloween box have a timer on the lights?

  • Connie

    In your Halloween Box do the witches have a timer on the light?

    Thank you,

  • Connie

    Do the witches in your Halloween box have a timer on the light up head??

    Thank you,

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