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Celebrating Furry Friends: Decor Steals' Team and Their Pets on National Love Your Pet Day!

Celebrating Furry Friends: Decor Steals' Team and Their Pets on National Love Your Pet Day!

Hey there, fellow pet enthusiasts! Today is no ordinary day – it's National Love Your Pet Day! At Decor Steals, we're all about spreading love, and what better way to do it than by introducing you to the adorable pets that share their lives with our awesome team members? Get ready for a dose of cuteness and heartwarming stories as we introduce you to our beloved furry friends and their humans!

The Pawsome Duos:

Let's kick things off with a peek into the lives of our incredible team and their four-legged companions. From playful pups to cuddly kitties, our crew has a variety of furry friends that bring an extra dash of happiness to our daily grind.

Jana McCann: Decor Steals' Buyer
"Betty Lou, our oldest, 15 year old adopted momma. She loves all the animals on the mini-farm and keeps rodents away. (Here she's snuggling with Kevlar, her favorite)"

"Lily - The most ineffective lab on earth, but sweetest companion to Mille. Mille says 'I'm not a dog person, just a Lily person'"

"Runa - Our youngest pup. She is an adopted Great Dane mix. She is such a scaredy cat and thinks she's part human. She "belongs" to our yougest Josie, but I think she loves me most."

"Cruiser - the magnificent pony! We bought him after Mille took years of lessons on him at the stables. He will let you do anything to him. From crazy hair styles to painting him at parties. He is a champion jumper and has taken his turn at barrels too. He's always getting into something or escaping."

"Bug - full name "Bug's McEasy" she is our cash cow! (hopefully) We got her as a 2 year old and Mille has been training her to become her prize winning barrel horse. They are on the way to victory!"

"Trucker - Josie's cat that we adopted from the animal shelter. He earned his name by being thrown from a truck and rescued on the side of the road. The 1st week we had him at home, he ventured outside and got bit by a snake. It was touch and go, but he survived. Now, he won't take a step outside! Oh and he loves to sit on top of his cat tree and swat at you as you walk by. 2nd favorite activity  terrorize all of the other animals."

"Our newest addition to the family, Raajah.  She is a 10 year old Arabian and so beautiful. The farm hand at Mille's riding club didn't have time to work with her anymore and Mille is the only student who can ride her. So, now she's ours. Mille plans to do some break-a-way roping with her."

Heather Meinen: Decor Steals' Creative Team
"This is Rusty Unfortunately, when we moved from Bahrain to Grand Cayman in the middle of COVID we had to find him a new home as airlines weren't flying pets. At that time, he was a part of our family for 11 years  - we got him at a shelter in South Korea when he was 6 weeks old as he had no mommy, then he moved with us to Egypt and Bahrain. Luckily, I found him an amazing home, and I'm still in touch with his new family. He's still around at age 15!"

Rafael Manterola: Decor Steals' CIO

Mike Romano: Decor Steals' CRO
"I'm Reesey, and I was cool before Doge Coin was even a thing!"

Nicole McCandless: Decor Steals' Customer Experience Specialist
"Hi, I am Pepper I am 8. I like to bark a lot to boss everyone around."

"Hi, I am Tucker.  I am 13 and I love to cuddle but I still play with my stuffed animals like I am a puppy still."
"Hi I am Teddy I am 6 and was adopted. I am super sweet."
Sarah Wilmot: Decor Steals' Customer Experience Manager

"Star - she was adopted a few years ago - her mom was a wild barn cat - but my baby girl likes the finer things in life - as you can see she has claimed by SIB Bench"

Sharon Pinto: Decor Steals' Marketing & Content Coordinator
"Holly - Within like 3 months of moving away from home, we adopted Holly from Humane Society of Huron Valley in Michigan. She was previously adopted when she was a puppy but her original owner returned her back to Humane Society when she was 1 years old. I used to visit Humane Society a few times a week to take any of the dogs on walks. When Holly arrived on her first day, I took her out on a walk but then didn't take her back inside I sat down on a bench and she sat beside me without running away... for an entire hour! We waited together for my husband to arrive at Humane Society and then we adopted her the next day! Even to this day, she will always sit outside with me on the grass outside or on the couch at home!"

"Callie - Callie is a family dog we adopted from my in-laws who already had her for a few years. She is the most consoling and most affectionate dog I've ever known. Once you start petting her, she will never allow you to stop and will remind you to keep petting her by alerting you with her wet nose. She also REALLY loves stuffed animals... to pieces, literally! We have 2 dogs and my in-laws have 2 dogs. Whenever we all go on walks, Callie always keeps track of everyone. She is either always running back and forth between the first or last to make sure every person or dog is accounted for, can be seen, and no one gets lost or left behind. If another dog wanders off, she goes looking for them. If a person becomes really slow or is falling behind, she stops and waits. Maybe it's the retriever in her to look after and retrieve all humans and dogs!"

Shawna Aretz: Decor Steals' Buyer
"Pablo & Louie"

Yasmin Mitchell: Decor Steals' Founder & CEO


Work Buddies and Nap Experts:

Meet the unsung heroes of our home offices – the pets who make our workday a little brighter. They might not be typing away at the keyboards, but they sure know how to boost morale. Whether it's a tail-wagging welcome in the morning or an expertly executed nap in the afternoon, our pets know how to keep the good vibes flowing.

Rafael Manterola: Decor Steals' CIO
"Riley- 8 generations champion bloodline, but really just a goofball."

Mike Jaremy: Decor Steals' Website Developer
"Neil, which means champion, but he really beats everyone in his royal and calm attitude, so you can easily call him the king. However, when you know who Scottish breed are, they will never sit on your hands, never! but they stay close. He is perfectly managing math, he professionally manage 1, 2, 3 which means there are only 3 recognized persons to be trusted. he is recognizing the tone of my voice (and only me) and i am the only lucky person that he can reply to my questions, so we often do fun of it me asking him something randomly and he is answering."

Jana McCann: Decor Steals' Buyer
"Toothless (my guy) We adopted him from a friend who's 2nd "male" dragon laid eggs! (oops!) He is so chill and helps me work."
Mallory Campbell: Decor Steals' Web Content Manager
"Arnold - Named after the famous golfer Arnold Palmer. This guy is also a huge goofball and doesn't realize just how big he is!"

Not-So-Furry Companions:

Now, let's shift our attention to the not-so-furry members of our Decor Steals family. From the slithering to the scaly, our team boasts a diverse array of unconventional pets that add a unique flair to our daily lives. Think reptiles, feathered friends, and even the occasional amphibian – we've got them all!

Jana McCann: Decor Steals' Buyer
"Rudy - He's our stubborn, blind and deaf "mini" pig. We knew when we got him that "mini" if often a myth for pigs. He is not small. About the height of a lab and maybe 250 pounds. He also likes to wander off and see what the neighbors have to eat in their yards. His favorite is acorns! He LOVES a good belly rub and sneaking into the house!"

"Noodle (RIP) but I had to include him/her because a snake is Josie's favorite."

"Johnny - He just showed up and never left. At first we thought something was wrong with him - he didn't cockadoodle do all the way. Turns out he was just a baby and still learning. (we didn't have chickens back then) He lets you hold him and protects all the ladies!"

"Girth - we went to the feed store to buy a girth for the pony, they didn't have one, but we bought a baby chicken...named her girth. She rode on Cruisers back for the first couple months of her life!"


Furry Meetings:

At Decor Steals, we've taken the traditional office meeting and given it a furry twist. Our pets are the unofficial meeting mascots, bringing their unique brand of charm to every brainstorming session. With wagging tails and curious noses, they remind us that collaboration is better with a pet by your side.

On this National Love Your Pet Day, we invite you to celebrate the joy, laughter, and pawsitive energy our pets bring to our lives. They're more than just animals – they're family, confidants, and the secret sauce to a happy workplace. From the entire Decor Steals team and our fabulous pets, we wish you a day filled with love, laughter, and plenty of tail wags. Happy National Love Your Pet Day!


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