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Spring Decor Styling Tips

Blossom and Bloom Boutique: Hatching a Plan for Easter Decor with @cottageonwynn

Spring is in the air, and at Blossom and Bloom Boutique, we're ready to help you transform your space into a festive Easter haven. To guide you through the process of creating a charming and inviting atmosphere, we've collaborated with the talented @cottageonwynn to style some must-have items for the Easter season.


Kickstart your Easter decor with a burst of color! Our Large Multicolor Easter Egg Wreath is a statement piece that will set the tone for a joyful celebration. @cottageonwynn suggests hanging it on your front door for a warm welcome or as a centerpiece on your mantel to instantly elevate your living space.

Easter Decor


For a touch of whimsy, the 48-Inch Easter Plush Pom-Pom Bunny Banner is an absolute must. Drape it across your fireplace or hang it on a feature wall to infuse a playful and festive spirit into your home. This banner adds a delightful focal point and ties the Easter theme together seamlessly.

Bunny Decor


Illuminate your space with the Light Up Blushing Easter Bunny. This charming piece doubles as both a decor item and a soft source of light. @cottageonwynn suggests placing it on a side table or as a centerpiece on your dining table to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere for Easter gatherings.

Easter Bunny Decor

Completing the Look on a Budget

But the Easter magic doesn't stop there! Blossom and Bloom Boutique has curated a few more budget-friendly items to help you complete the entire look:

1. Mr. Rabbit Fabric Wall Art

Add a touch of sophistication with the Mr. Rabbit Fabric Wall Art. Hang it above a console table or in a cozy reading nook to infuse a sense of charm and elegance into your Easter-themed space.

Easter Decor For Wall


2. Bronze Bunny Decor with Bowl

Practical and stylish, the Bronze Bunny Decor with Bowl is a versatile piece that can be placed on your entryway table. Fill the bowl with pastel-colored eggs or candies for an extra festive touch.

Bunny Decor with Bowl

3. Bunny Bookends

Don't forget the details! Bunny Bookends are a subtle yet delightful addition to your Easter decor. Place them on your bookshelves to tie in the theme and add a playful element to your overall design.

Bunny Decor Bookends


In conclusion, Blossom and Bloom Boutique, in collaboration with @cottageonwynn, offers a delightful array of Easter decor that will breathe life into your home this season. From vibrant wreaths to charming bunny banners, and budget-friendly accessories, our curated collection has everything you need to create a stylish and inviting Easter celebration. Transform your space with these handpicked items and watch it blossom and bloom with the spirit of Easter.

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