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Woohoo!! Y'all we are EXTREMELY excited about today's steal!! This has been in the works for awhile now and we are finally able to bring you these beautifully crafted The Managua Casa Bead Garland by the ever so talented Aly Mcdaniel aka @thedowntownaly She has been making these for a while and when we first sets sights on them we knew we had to bring them to you guys!!


Now we finally have a DECOR STEALS EXCLUSIVE COLOR! (Excuse us while we happy dance!)


Each one will adorn your home with simple elegance and bring a unique touch whether you decide to use them! Casa beads give the simple things in your home the perfect touch. You can put them around a vase (check out our demijohn) a lamp hang them on a hook or style them in a vignette. The sky is truly the limit with can get as creative as they you want!! After all they are jewelry for your home so anywhere you put them they will add personality. 


What started as a side project has become an international movement bringing hope and pride to a community struggling with poverty. Casa Beads has partnered with The NICA Fund and now proceeds from each purchase of a Casa Bead go towards building homes and improving life in the rural community of El Transíto Nicaragua. Your orders not only create jobs and opportunities for the women of El Transíto they change the economy of the entire sector. Thank you for your order and thank you for helping change lives. Meet Aly and the Wonderful Women of El Transíto Nicaragua in photo #5!


It's such an incredible piece with an incredible price going towards a wonderful cause! 


P.S. All photos are from @downtownaly. You can see all the different ways she has styled her casa beads and get inspiration from her instagram!




 *PAIRS PERFECTLY with our Demijohn Bottle and our Eucalyptus Stems (Click Items to Sh

-Made of a long continuous strand of natural Nicaragua wood beads
-Each Garland is made up of 60 Beads and runs in a continuous garland almost 4ft long!
-No dyes paint or stain. Each bead comes from a different tree.
-Completely Unique - No two the same
-Designed by Aly Mcdaniel aka @thedowntownaly
-To snag the demijohn that The Managua Casa Bead Garland are wrapped around please CLICK HERE!
-Each sale helps support NICA's Somos el Cambio Program
-Packed: One per package (you will receive one The Managua Casa Bead Garland )
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


*PAIRS PERFECTLY with our Demijohn Bottle and our Eucalyptus Stems (Click Items to Shop!)

The Managua Casa Bead Garland By Aly

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