Textured Demijohn Bottle / Vintage Inspired


-Vintage Inspired Reproduction
-Beautifully crafted from thick recycled textured blue tinted glass
-Dimensions: 8” Diameter x 12” High with a 2" Diameter at the opening
-Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive one Textured Demijohn Bottle)
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


Oh boy do we have an amazing surprise to brighten up your day!! The large demijohn bottle has been a HUGE hit everytime we offer it and we constantly receive requests for a smaller version, so today your wish is our command!!


You know we are always on the hunt for pieces that ooze "vintageness", beauty, functionality and tell a story! Inspired by bottles collected from restaurants throughout Central Europe used to store wine or sunflower oil, these tinted glass beauties are sure to be not only eye catching, but also versatile and really functional. Bottles just like these beauties have been showing up on some VERY popular decorating shows lately so we just had to get our hands on them!!


We didn't hesitate for a second when we came across this demijohn reproduction. We just love the size, texture, color, shape.... Ok you get the idea! It's just a statement piece all around! The color spectrum on this vase changes subtly with the colors of your choice in flowers and the angles of the sun reflecting off of it. Each vase features lovable imperfect touches that make each vase genuinely unique. Notable characteristics include bubbles trapped inside the glass and slightly beachy and vintage appeal.


Put this demijohn bottle on display to add that vintage touch to any of your rooms. Just picture it filled with branches, flowers or even olive stems. The aromas will fill the air and ignite your senses! And not to mention that price will ignite your decor senses! No seriously, demijohns are really expensive so if you ever wanted one today is your lucky day :)


PS: Check out how our friend, @homedecormomma, is using her larger size demijohn in photo #2 :)