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Designed after a true antique, our Brickmold Cabinet provides the perfect storage solution for your smaller supplies and essentials. This shabby chic chest of wooden drawers has a functional design, distressed finish, and tons of rustic appeal that will trick anyone into thinking you paid big money at an antique store! With TEN drawers crafted to resemble vintage brick molds, this LARGE piece will make such a statement among your farmhouse decor!

Wooden brick molds, also known as brick forms or brick moulds, have been used for centuries to shape clay into bricks for construction.

  • Historical significance: Wooden brick molds harken back to ancient times when they were essential tools in brick-making, showcasing the evolution of construction techniques over centuries.
  • Craftsmanship evolution: From simple wooden frames in ancient times to more intricate designs during the Middle Ages, brick molds became more specialized and precise.
  • Industrial transition: With the advent of industrialization in the 19th century, wooden brick molds were gradually replaced by more efficient machines, marking a shift in brick-making technology.
  • Decorative utility: Today, wooden brick molds serve primarily decorative purposes, offering a glimpse into the past while adding charm and character to any space.
  • Conversation starter: Repurposed wooden brick molds spark interest and serve as conversation pieces, inviting discussions about their historical significance and craftsmanship.
  • Unique addition: Incorporating a wooden brick mold into your decor provides a distinctive touch, highlighting your appreciation for history and craftsmanship.

This Brickmold Cabinet is great to store recipe cards and herbs and spices in your kitchen, or mail and supplies in your office. Set this cabinet on any counter-top or even your floor and keep your space clutter-free and organized with loads of vintage style.

  • Beautifully crafted from reclaimed wood with metal accents
  • Due to authenticity, slight variations in distressing, finish and color can be expected
  • 10 drawers designed to resemble brick molds
  • Dimensions: 15" W x 12" D x 30" H
    Brickmold Drawer Interior: 9.5"W x 5"D x 3.5"H
    Exterior: 11"W x 6"D x 4"H
  • Packed: One per package (you will receive one cabinet)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days!
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Reclaimed Wood Brickmold Cabinet

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