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WOOOO-HOOOOO! You can't see this but right now all of us at Decor Steals are doing our happy dances! Today REALLY is the day! We have never been more excited! Raise your hand if you LOVE the shiplap look! (raises hand!) Now raise your hand if you've been dying for the look but hoping and wishing for a way to get it without the labor and nails? (Raises BOTH hands!) Well good news stealers! We've got you covered!


Today's deal is a farmhouse addict's dream! Peel & Stick Reclaimed Shiplap Wallpaper! WE KNOW! SO COOL!  Super easy to apply and remove without damaging the walls (can be reused over and over and over again)! No messy old school paste to be applied! We will leave that back in the 50's! Even easier than paint and cheaper! It completely mimics the look of shiplap - it has a whitewash wide plank design but even cooler?! ITS TEXTURED! That's right textured meaning it has the same feel that shiplap does! Just makes us giggle thinking of how many people you are going to awe with its REAL FEEL!


We just can't get over how unique it is! Apply it to an accent wall in the living room or bedroom. Make a statement by placing it in your entry way. Perfect way to dress up a half bath - the whitewash will give the appearance of a bigger space! How about a shiplap back-splash in your kitchen?! We would never kid about shiplap! You actually can use this in the kitchen not only as a back-splash but as a way to makeover your island! We can hear you asking is it really safe to use as a backspalsh? Yes! This was specifically made and tested with that in mind! And you clean with a lightly damp cloth! We are going to save you so much money even your husbands will love us! 


Already have an accent wall not to worry. This peel and stick shiplap wallpaper is perfect for all your DIY projects! Have an old dresser or bookcase in need of some love? Use this to resurface and give a completely new look! How about that desk?! Just thinking about a shiplap top desk makes us swoooon <3


There are so many more ways to use this but we will have to stop here... its time for more happy dances lol! 


Check out how our talented friends are re-doing their spaces: @sagehillcottage (photos #2-5) @loveofmommyhood (photo #6) Christy Matthews Rice (photo #7-left) Heather Smeraldo (photo#7-right) Jessica Hauser (photo #8) Cynthia Nichols (photo #9-left) Jennifer Saale Villegas (photo #10-right) Jess Mathis (photo #11-left) Lauren DiPaulo Derby (photo #11-right) Lisa Blackburn Warndorf (photo #12) Melinda Judd Kreis (photo #13-left) and Tanya Boylan Thomas (photo #13-right)



-Shiplap look without the nails!
-Wide plank design with TEXTURED FEEL!
-Peel and stick to apply pull up to remove - SO EASY!
-Designed to easily overlap and line up when starting a new roll
-Fix mistakes easily by re-positioning (can be used over and over again!)
-Dimensions: 20.5 in x 18 ft vertical roll - each plank is about 7" !
-Peel & Stick Wallpaper is about 5mm Thick :)
-Packed: One Per Packing (you will receive one 20.5 in x 18 ft roll)
-A maximum quantity of 20 is allowed per customer 
-Shipping Cost: $5 for first roll $2.99 per each additional roll
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days

*Don't Forget to Check Out The Video BELOW!

Reclaimed Shiplap Peel & Stick Wallpaper

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