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For best results, please reference these best practices:
  • Unpack IMMEDIATELY! Once your plant arrives, bring it inside and unpack it immediately. Depending on where you live, leaving the live plant outside in the weather conditions can affect the health of your plant.
  • Check the soil with your fingers. If the soil looks and feels dry, water the plant upon arrival. If the soil is still moist, there is no need to add additional water yet.
  • Check the care instructions on each plant product page, but it is always a good idea to place the plant in a sunny spot to get acclimated.  
  • Don't be alarmed by "unhappy plants". Some yellowing of leaves, broken stems, or limp plants upon arrival is not uncommon due to the delivery process. Taking the steps above and following any additional specific care instructions for each plant will likely bring the plant back to complete health after a few days. When in doubt, please send us photos so we can assist and advise with the process.  
  • Check your hardiness zone here


Live Plant Return Policy

All live plant sales are FINAL sale.
Unfortunately plants would not fair too well on a second shipping trip. If your order arrives damaged please contact us immediately. Any damage inquiries are required to have photo proof attached and sent to Due to the nature of live plants, some "damages" are normal occurrences and should not affect the longevity of the plant. Please see our care and best practices above for more information.