The Essentials Collection

2024 European Cottage Steal It box

Collaborating hand-in-hand with Leslie from @my100yearoldhome, we've carefully curated a treasure trove of pieces that embody the rustic allure and vintage-inspired charm synonymous with European cottage living.

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Caution: Spoilers Ahead! Curious about what's inside our latest Steal It Box? Discover the contents here!

The Essentials Collection: 2024 European Cottage Core Steal It Box

Curated by

Leslie @my100yearoldhome

Seven curated pieces (plus a surprise gift) to infuse your home with the essence of a European cottagecore.

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Leslie and Holly got a sneak peak of the 2024 European Cottage Steal It Box...see what they say about it!

2024 European Cottage Steal It Box Testimonial Home Decor Box Testimonial
"This Steal It Box is a reflection of my personal style and passion for creating spaces that feel warm, inviting, and uniquely yours. I hope you’ll enjoy incorporating these thoughtfully curated pieces into your own home, infusing every corner with the timeless elegance and charm they embody."


2024 European Cottage Steal It Box Home Decor Box Testimonial
"This box is filled with everything you need to spruce up any space in your home! The best part of everything that is included in this box is that each product can be used throughout the year! Get creative and get so much use for everything that is comes in this SIB box! A great selection for that European cottage feel."


2024 European Cottage Steal It Box Style Guide Inspiration

The 2024 European Cottage Steal It BOX

Infuse the essence of european cottage

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