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Tips and Tricks: Styling for Winter

Tips and Tricks: Styling for Winter

Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and things start to settle back into their normal groove, it can feel a little empty in your home. Especially after all the holiday decorations have been put away and the last of your family members head back home. You finally have some time to breathe and as you settle into your normal routine, it might be the perfect time to re-organize and style your home for winter. After all, it's only the beginning of the winter season for most and you have a few months ahead to keep your home feeling crisp and cozy. We've compiled a list of tips and tricks to have your home winter style ready in no time!
Style Tip #1: Fill your home with fresh or faux winter greenery! This is our number one tip because this is the time of the year when you are forced to stay inside and the time of the year when the fresh soothing smells of nature and elements of the outdoors all fade away. It doesn't have to be that way and one of the easiest ways to brighten up and keep your home happy is by adding greenery. Not to mention, it's also an EXTREMELY affordable way to add a little extra something to all of your vignettes. Try adding a magnolia wreath, some cotton stems, or some fresh pine to all your spaces.
Style Tip #2: Brighten up your home with lots of whites and by letting natural light in! The most beautiful thing about winter is those snowy days when the natural light entering your home is crazy bright from reflecting off a fresh blanket of snow. Let your home breathe and allow the beauty of this incredible natural wonder fill your home. Winter can be a dreary time so filling your home with white throw pillows, cozy white blankets, and bright natural hues will bring a smile to you and your home. Style Tip #3: Incorporate your holiday decor into your everyday style. Just because something is technically your holiday decor doesn't mean it has to be put away right away. Many Christmas items can be converted into winter decor or even used throughout the year. Keep your gold, holiday blue, white, or red plates out until Spring rolls around. Just add different elements to your table setting to bring it from a holiday look to a more neutral wintery feel. Leave wintery signs up and even leave a tree up in your home with just lights or frosted tips. Style Tip #4: Hoard up on everything cozy! Find all the beautiful throw pillows and huge cable knit blankets your heart desires. Not only do you need these items to stay warm on wintery nights, but they make for incredible decorative items. Add a couple of complimentary blankets and throws to your master bedroom and living room and fill every space in your home with throw pillows galore!
There's no science to styling your home for winter, but the tips above are just some general things to help keep you and your home happy during the long months of winter.  
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