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Vase Filler Trend for Spring Decor

Introducing Spring Decor Cheer with @SweetWillowChicDesigns: An Easter Twist on the Vase Filler Trend

As the scent of blossoms fills the air and the days grow longer, it's time to infuse our homes with the vibrant spirit of spring. We're excited to showcase a fun take on the vase filler trend with our Farmhouse Hurricane Glass Candle Holder, Set of Two. @sweetwillowchicdesigns has ingeniously crafted two delightful arrangements that are bound to captivate your imagination and bring a touch of whimsy to your spring decor.

Unveiling the Vase Filler Trend

The vase filler trend has been sweeping the design scene, offering a delightful way to add depth and character to floral displays. With our Farmhouse Hurricane Glass Candle Holders, you can effortlessly embrace this trend and create stunning centerpieces that exude farmhouse charm and springtime joy.

@sweetwillowchicdesigns' Creative Arrangements

Let's dive into the enchanting arrangements crafted by @sweetwillowchicdesigns using our Farmhouse Hurricane Glass Candle Holder set:

1. Pastel Easter M&M Bouquet

Inspired by the soft hues of spring and the joy of Easter, @sweetwillowchicdesigns has concocted a delightful bouquet using pastel Easter M&M candies as the vase filler. The larger hurricane vase is filled with these colorful candies, creating a sweet foundation for the arrangement. Nestled within the smaller vase, a vibrant assortment of spring blooms, carefully selected to complement the pastel palette, adds a burst of freshness and elegance. This arrangement is a celebration of both the season and the festivities of Easter, blending farmhouse simplicity with playful charm.


Vase Filler TrendEaster Vase BouquetEaster Floral Arrangement
Spring Decor Bouquet

2. Peeps Bunny Candy and Easter Grass Bouquet

For those seeking a whimsical touch with a nod to Easter traditions, @sweetwillowchicdesigns presents a charming arrangement featuring Peeps bunny candy and green Easter grass. The hurricane vase is adorned with a bed of green Easter grass, evoking the freshness of a spring meadow. Encircling the inner vase, colorful Peeps bunny candy adds a playful accent, infusing the arrangement with festive cheer. Within the inner vase, a lush display of spring flowers blooms, their beauty enhanced by the surrounding Easter elements. This arrangement embodies the joy and merriment of the season, inviting smiles and admiration from all who behold it.


Peeps Easter Vase Filler
Easter Decor Vase
Spring Decor Floral Arrangement

Why @sweetwillowchicdesigns' Creations Shine

@sweetwillowchicdesigns' arrangements not only showcase the versatility of our Farmhouse Hurricane Glass Candle Holder set but also exemplify the creativity and artistry that define the vase filler trend. By incorporating unexpected elements like Easter candies and grass, @sweetwillowchicdesigns has transformed ordinary vases into extraordinary centerpieces that capture the essence of spring.

Embrace Spring with Sweet Willow Chic Designs

This spring, let us help be your guide to elevating your decor with the vase filler trend. With our Farmhouse Hurricane Glass Candle Holder set and the imaginative arrangements by @sweetwillowchicdesigns, you can infuse your home with warmth, charm, and the vibrant beauty of the season.

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