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Mastering Your Bedroom: Top FAQs on Bedding and Styling with @jagcagdesign

Mastering Your Bedroom: Top FAQs on Bedding and Styling with @jagcagdesign

Welcome to @jagcagdesign's ultimate guide on bedding and bedroom styling! Whether you're embarking on a complete bedroom makeover or just looking to refresh your space, this FAQ blog is here to answer all your burning questions. From choosing the perfect bedding to creating a stylish and cozy sanctuary, we've got you covered. Dive in as we explore the nuances of color coordination, curtain selection, and design trends to help you craft the bedroom of your dreams. Let's transform your space into a haven of comfort and style!

Q: What’s the best way to mix patterns in bedding and curtains?

A: The best way to mix patterns in bedding and curtains is to start with your color scheme.
I like to use lots of neutrals like while, beige, or gray for harmony. Then consider your starting fabric - either the bedding or the curtains. If I am starting with bedding that has a bold pattern, I prefer to choose a solid color for my curtains. If my bedding is solid in color, then I will consider going for a print on the curtains. I like my bedroom to be a place of calming, so I often will keep my curtains as subtle as possible.

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Q: How can I tie together my bedding with a throw blanket?

A: One of my favorite ways to tie together an entire bedroom setting is to use a throw blanket. I have a whole closet full that I can mix and match with my linens. I choose throws that match or complement the bedding, and for me, throws with lots of texture are a must. I've even used a vintage lace tablecloth as a throw to match the vintage lace on my pillows! If the bedding has a print to it, I like to choose a solid color of throw. No matter the style of the throw, I love them all draped it casually across the bottom corner of the bed for an inviting, cozy look.

Q: What is the best type of lamp to complement any bedroom decor?

A: Lamps are fun bedroom additions, and I like to choose them in neutral colors like white, beige, or black so that they will go with my various looks throughout the year. I like changing my bedding as a quick and fun way to refresh my space for the seasons, but I don't want to buy new lamps every time I do it! Make sure that the lamp is a good size for your bedside table or dresser (something too large can be overbearing, and something too small gets lost in the mix). Also, a must for me is to make sure that the lamp has an easily-accessible off and on switch. There's nothing worse than not being able to reach it when you are trying to relax. Also, if you choose a neutral color and simple lamp shade, you can easily add a ribbon during the holidays to dress it up a bit!

table lamp

Q: What length of curtains should I choose for different looks?

A: The length you choose for your curtains can drastically change up the look of a room! Keeping them a few inches above the floor creates a modern look and makes cleaning the floor a cinch. If you take them to the bottom of the window sill for a shorter look, your room will feel more casual. I love my curtains about 10 inches longer than floor length and puddle them whenever possible, which gives them a fuller, more luxurious and romantic look.

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