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A Versatile Canvas: Styling the Spring (& More!) Steal It Box for Every Home Decor Vibe

A Versatile Canvas: Styling the Spring (& More!) Steal It Box for Every Home Decor Vibe

Dive into the world of interior design flexibility with the 2023 Spring (& More!) Steal It Box, a treasure trove that effortlessly adapts to various home decor styles. Whether your heart yearns for the sleek lines of Modern Farmhouse, the free-spirited charm of Boho Farmhouse, or the whimsical allure of Cottage Core, this box has got you covered. Join us as we explore the creative possibilities that unfold when these eclectic pieces meet the distinct aesthetics of each decor style.


  1. Modern Farmhouse Marvel:

    • Handmade Black Bowl: Embrace sleek simplicity by placing the black bowl on a minimalist wooden coffee table. Opt for monochromatic arrangements with white or neutral-toned decorative orbs or geometric sculptures for a clean and contemporary look.
    • Cushioned Bench: Position the bench against a white or neutral-toned wall with clean lines. Adorn it with textured throw pillows in earthy tones, complementing the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic. Consider a striped or plaid pattern for a touch of farmhouse charm.
    • Faux Garland/Wreath: Create a modern focal point by draping the faux magnolia garland across a sleek fireplace mantel. Alternatively, shape it into a linear arrangement along a floating shelf for an understated yet elegant touch.
    • Black Artichoke Statue: Showcase the black artichoke statue on a white or marble accent table. Its sculptural form adds a contemporary edge to the space while maintaining the farmhouse theme.
    • Candelabra: Place it as a centerpiece on a dining table or a sideboard for a touch of sophistication. Choose simple, unscented candles in neutral colors to maintain the modern aesthetic.


  1. Boho Farmhouse Bliss:

    • Handmade Black Bowl: Turn the black bowl into a catch-all for vibrant and eclectic treasures. Fill it with colorful crystals, dried flowers, or small trinkets that resonate with Boho Farmhouse charm.
    • Cushioned Bench: Place the bench against a feature wall adorned with a macramé or woven tapestry. Layer it with an assortment of textured throw pillows in warm hues and patterns, such as tribal prints or global-inspired designs.
    • Faux Garland/Wreath: Allow the magnolia garland to cascade over a wooden ladder or hang it freely on a woven wall hanging. Incorporate additional bohemian elements, like beaded accents or feathers, to enhance the free-spirited vibe.
    • Black Artichoke Statue: Let the artichoke statue become a part of a curated display on a Boho-style side table. Mix it with plants, candles, and other natural elements for an eclectic and carefree atmosphere.
    • Wooden Cutting Board: Showcase it against a backdrop of colorful tiles or patterned backsplash to infuse bohemian flair into the kitchen. Experiment with mismatched ceramic plates, textured glassware, and vibrant linens for a laid-back and artistic approach to dining. Use the board as a central piece for assembling a vibrant charcuterie spread, adorned with an array of cheeses, fruits, and nuts.


  1. Cottage Core Charm:

    • Handmade Black Bowl: Elevate the black bowl with a display of dried herbs, lavender, or wildflowers. It becomes a charming centerpiece on a rustic dining table or kitchen island.
    • Cushioned Bench: Integrate the bench into a cozy reading nook by the window, adorned with soft, vintage-inspired quilts and cushions in floral or gingham patterns. Add a crocheted throw for an extra touch of cottage coziness.
    • Faux Garland/Wreath: Transform the magnolia garland into a dreamy wreath adorned with ribbons, dried flowers, and twine. Hang it on a cottage-style front door or above a quaint entryway console.
    • Black Artichoke Statue: Place the artichoke statue on a distressed wooden shelf, surrounded by vintage books, framed botanical prints, and small potted plants for a touch of rustic charm.
    • Wooden Cutting Board: Place it on a farmhouse-style kitchen table adorned with a vintage tablecloth and dainty floral arrangements in mason jars. Use the cutting board for slicing freshly baked bread, creating a quaint and inviting atmosphere. Enhance the nostalgic ambiance by incorporating antique knives or utensils alongside the board, adding to the timeless charm of a cottage-inspired kitchen.



The 2023 Spring (& More!) Steal It Box transcends the boundaries of design preferences, seamlessly integrating into the versatile tapestry of Modern Farmhouse, Boho Farmhouse, and Cottage Core aesthetics. With these creative suggestions, discover how this box becomes a canvas for your unique style, allowing you to curate a home that effortlessly reflects your personality and design sensibilities, no matter the trend or season.

To see more ways to style the The 2023 Spring (& More!), check out our blog here! And for even more tips and tricks, check out The Decor Steal Journal! 

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  • Lynn Wilson

    I loved that you showed these pieces in different decorating themes. I loved the cottage core settting.
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Lynn!

    We are so glad you enjoyed the blog! Stay tuned for even more awesome decor tips and tricks soon!


  • Nancy Leiter

    I’d like to see a section dedicated to showing how to style your pieces. Even have your customers send in photos of how they arranged the items in their home. I like to different ideas from different people. Maybe a contest a couple of times a year and have us vote on the best arrangement. Prizes could be a gift certificate . Just an idea to help those of us who aren’t as talented as others in decorating our home.
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Nancy!

    We think this is a GREAT idea! We will definitely start brainstorming on how to make this happen! Thank you for the suggestion!


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