Tea Stained American Flag Buntings Pick Your Set

Item No. 5722
4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating

Tea Stained American Flag Buntings Pick Your Set

Item No. 5722
4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Beautifully crafted from tea stained linen
-Option A: Set of one 60" bunting and four corner buntings
-Dimensions: One 60" Wide x 30" High bunting & four 12" Wide x 12" Deep buntings
-Option B: Set of two 60" buntings
-Dimensions: 60" Wide x 30" High each
-Packed: One set per package (you will receive one 60" Tea Stained American Flag Bunting and four Corner Buntings OR two 60" Tea Stained American Flag Buntings)
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer

Happy Labor Day! We are celebrating with a super awesome (wait we mean SUPER AWESOME) lowest prices EVER kind of steal! No really this is a true blowout just to show how much we truly appreciate all of YOU! But be careful quantities are VERY limited and they will sell FAST! Good luck!


Whether it's The Fourth of July Memorial Day or Labor Day we are ALL proud to be Americans! So let's show that American Pride ALL year round with our AHH-mazingly priced buntings!! You can pick from our beautiful 60" Tea Stained American Flag Bunting and Tea Stained American Flag Corner Bunting Set of 4! Yep! That's right you get four corner buntings and one 60" bunting for ONLY $29.99! OR you can also choose the option of two LARGE 60" buntings for the same price ($29.99)!! We know...our jaws hit the floor too with that pricing! I mean you can't find ANYTHING comparable at that price! Believe us...we've tried and couldn't! Ours buyers have been on the hunt for high quality bunting at an affordable price and once they laid eyes on these....game over!! 


These made to look vintage buntings will look lovely hanging on your front or back porch or above your mantle! We LOVE the idea of hanging them above your kitchen window or above your sliding glass doors! Such a simple and decorative way to show your American pride ALL year long!!! Those corner bunting will look fantastic hanging in the corners of your front porch pillars on your porch fencing or even in your home in the corners of your fireplace! 


If it clashes too much with your home decor NO BIGGIE simply bring it out during patriotic holidays like Veterans Day Memorial Day Labor Day or Fourth of July! As always shipping is only $5 on this amazing set and if you haven't figured it out by now....this price is unbeatable!! We wanted to make sure we brought you something really AMAZING for your holiday! 



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