Rolling Laundry Hamper

Item No. 8560
4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Item No. 8560
4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating

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  • Check out the video at the end of the photo carousel above!
  • Beautifully crafted from metal with a removable linen insert
  • Features four fully functioning wheels!
  • Dimensions: 19” Diameter x 26” H
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one rolling laundry hamper)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!
We are lovers of all things stylish and functional and this piece does both so BEAUTIFULLY! This rolling laundry hamper is on wheels so you can easily motor it around to wherever you want it in your home! 

Park this in your mudroom or entryway to catch bags, sweaters, hats, gloves, or your dog leashes and doggie bags! Use this rolling laundry hamper in your kids’ room to collect all of their stuffed animals and toys! Place this in your living room near your couch to hold your cozy blankets and extra throw pillows. This cart will be the PERFECT addition to your laundry room to collect your dirty clothes. Use this in your bathroom to hold your extra guest towels. We even love the idea of this holding extra toilet paper! Add a wooden top to it and place your favorite candle or a vase full of flowers on it! OR you could even add a wooden board to the bottom as an extra shelf for additional storage!! This rolling laundry hamper piece has SO many décor and storage possibilities!Get creative with this piece and we know it is sure to be a FAVORITE!

This piece is already one of our favorites and with shipping only $5 and that low price we know it will be yours too! Steal yours before it’s too late!

PS - Check out how our friend @theantiqueabode used hers in the pics above!

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