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 Our hearts went pitter-patter this morning because today's steal is truly a UNIQUE find! OH and did we mention it’s now the MOST requested piece since we’ve made it a STEAL!! Yes these beauties are a NEW addition to the tobacco basket family and their shape and size make them SUPER functional! These vintage inspired tobacco baskets have been all the buzz and we couldn’t WAIT to bring you MORE!!! 


Tobacco baskets have been a part of Carolina history for years but this history is being forgotten! Baskets just like these were used by tobacco companies and family farms to display their products when they took them to market. Now they're popping up everywhere on home decor shows and in magazines.


We love the idea of creating a frame above your mantle or fireplace for your smaller boxwood wreaths! They make the perfect wall decor and are also FANTASTIC for holding and displaying items on your ottoman coffee table or console. We simply can’t get enough of the weathered look and authentic beauty these baskets convey. We love the idea of displaying these baskets with memorabilia or adding in flower arrangements.


 Are you getting inspired??? There are no limits to how you can FABULIZE your home with these vintage-inspired tobacco baskets. They are truly a RARE find. 


Check out how our friends are using their Tobacco Baskets: Kasey Lynn (photo #2-left) Marissa Abba (photo #2-right) Hunter Carlin (photo #3-left) Cindy Collins (photo #3-right) Debbie Barton (photo#4) Jana Lee (photo #5-left) Lori Findley (photo #5-right) Jody Knapp (photo #6) Karen Holcombe (photo #7) and Kimberly Engelhart (photo #8)



-Vintage Inspired Reproduction
-Beautifully crafted from wood
-Set of 2 different sizes
-Replicates old tobacco baskets used to dry and display REAL tobacco
 Medium: 16" Square x 2.5" Deep
 Large: 20" Square x 3" Deep

-A maximum quantity of 4 is allowed per customer
-Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive two different sized Tobacco Baskets)
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days

Square Tobacco Baskets Set of 2

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