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When we first offered our Peel and Stick shiplap wallpaper you all went CRAZY! Then we offered the backsplash tile and AGAIN the response was overwhelming! But we kept hearing the same question... can this be used as tile?! And that's when we knew! We MUST get you fabulous DIY Stealers the Peel and Stick Tile you have been asking for! And GUESS WHAT?! WE DID IT! QUE THE HAPPY DANCES! WOOOO-HOOOO!

This BEAUTIFUL Peel and Stick Floor Tile is a DECOR STEALS EXCLUSIVE DESIGN! You heard right! You can only get this HERE! The beautiful color combination of black white and soft gray is a farmhouse dream! We chose these colors purposely knowing they would go with everyone's home no matter the colors they already have in it! We noticed that with most tiles they are very shiny making them look cheap and fake so we added a matte effect to our design and the result is BEYOND luxurious! 


We LOVE so much about this steal! Beyond the design aspects we love how easy it is to apply! You can apply it right over the tile you already have! YES! No need for any construction or demo of any kind we will leave that up to the TV professionals ;) No messy grout no ridiculous tools! You'll just need a knife carpenter square and tape measure! We know how busy our stealers' lives are so we had to make sure this was easy as 1-2-3! Check out the directions here! 


Exclusive Design - check! Beautiful - check! Easy to install - check! No mess - check! Durable Water Resistant and Washable - CHECK CHECK CHECK! 


Don't miss out on the easiest room makeover ever! Grab you tiles now!  P.S. - Check out how our friends Melissa Addison Rowles Takas? (Photo #4-5) Angie Combs (photo #6) Ann Baker Tate and Katie Boyanton (photo #7) Bonnie Cheung (photo #8) used their tiles!




-Beautifully crafted of vinyl
-Color Scheme of white black and soft gray with slight matte finish
-Dimensions: Each tile is 12" x 12"
-Each pack includes 20 tiles!
-Tiles are Durable Water Resistant and Washable
-Install is EASY! No messy grout or special tools needed! Check out the directions here!
-Packed: One Set Per Package - (you will receive 20 tiles)
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days

Ornate Peel and Stick Floor Tile

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