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Experience the enchanting allure of our Potted Jasmine Plants, Set of 2, bringing the delicate fragrance and beauty of jasmine right into your home! Adorn your entryway or garden gate with these lush trailing beauties. These stunning LIVE plants come in a set of two, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any space. With their lush green foliage and delicate white blooms, they create a refreshing and relaxing ambiance, perfect for all settings.

Enjoyed indoors and out, these hardy flowering plants thrive year-round when moved indoors for winter. (Cover your plant during temp below 20c, if established outdoors.) Grow along a trellis or stake, allow the evergreen vine to cascade gently over a hanging basket, or plant inground for a stunning easy-to-manage ground cover. Shiny green leaves contrast with creamy white flowers in late spring through summer.

Jasmine responds well to pruning, resists pests, tolerates drought, and easily over-winters indoors, making it an easy-care choice for any garden.

  • Set of two plants in 2.5 quart pots
  • Live Plants
  • Shiny green leaves contrast with creamy white flowers in late spring
  • Will climb a trellis or sprawl though the garden as a flagrant groundcover
  • Best suited for usda hardiness zones 7-10, but will perform well in colder zones with proper winter protection
  • Prefer full sun to part shade with mature size of 6' Wide and 6' Tall
  • Packed: One Set per package (you will receive two Plants)
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days!

Trailing Jasmine, 2 Piece 2.5 quart pot

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