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Oh my my! We can already tell today is going to be AWESOME! Why you ask... Because Today's Steal Is Barn Door Decor Inspired! Woo-hoo! Happy Dances all around ALL DAY!


If you have been with us for a while you know we LOVE and LIVE FOR pieces with immense attention to detail! This Barn Door inspired Wall Medallion is no exception! This piece is a statement maker! That piece that LITERALLY stops your guests in their tracks! You know they will be begging to know where you found it! And wait until they hear what a STEAL it was!


By the front entry way to fill that hallway space that has been asking for some farmhouse love! How about two above the couch on either side of the TV ABOVE THE MANTLE! Imagine it leaned up against the wall above the mantle demanding your guests attention and their oooohs and awes! Add it to your bedroom two right above the bed will mimic the look of a headboard without the cost! Not to mention the medallion in the center has just enough detail to warm a space but cut out effect helps the room stay light! The wood has LOTS of detailing too and would be a perfect compliment to your eating space! The warmth of the wood playing off the warmth of your gathering place <3


Don't hesitate with this beauty not only have they been all over your favorite decorating shows but your favorite instagrammers have been going ga-ga over them too! 


So go ahead and steal away... we won't tell ;)



-Beautifully crafted from distressed wood and iron
-Dimensions: 35" Tall x 28" Wide x 1" Deep
-Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Wall Panel)
-A maximum quantity of 4 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!

*HUGE* Ornate Rustic Barn Door Art

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