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This candelabra is crafted to resemble the 150+ year-old antique candelabra from India with intricately hand-carved details, reflecting certain geographical areas and tribes.  We have absolutely been in love with antique sugar molds since the first time we laid eyes on them. Each piece is about 40 YEARS OLD and one of a kind! These sugar mold candelabras are truly authentic and truly FOUND! So you can imagine how hard it was to secure these. But your wish is our command. You asked and we DELIVERED!   Sugar molds are made of long solid blocks of wood with a series of holes into which raw brown sugar cane syrup could be poured. Once it dried, the syrup formed raw sugar cones that would be wrapped in paper and sold to consumers. The cones were easier to transport and store, and at the time more refined sugar processing methods had not yet been developed.   Spanning back to medieval times and continuing through the 19th century, brown sugar was sold almost solely in cone shape from a sugar mold. The sugar had to be chipped off from the cone and then sifted. These sugar cones can still be bought in Mexico and these molds are still used as a part of the tequila making process. Ahhhhhhh we really love a piece with so much history! These handcrafted wooden candelabras are so versatile! They are great as candle holders, beautiful centerpieces, great for housing small plants (perfect for succulents & herbs), office organizers (think pencils, pens, scissors, etc), bathroom supplies and utensils... You can really get creative with this piece!    Oh, and how could we forget to mention the price! These true to form handcrafted pieces of history will usually cost you an arm and a leg but not today! We were able to offer these at a price that will be sure to blow your socks off!   Enjoy!
-With authenticity comes uniqueness! No two candelabras are alike! Please note size, shape and color will ALL vary. (photo #2) -Handcrafted of beautifully carved wood -Each piece is truly authentic so expect some chipping and age -Dimensions VARY: Option A: Medium  - 7.25 " W x 2.75" D x 7.25" H Option B: Large - Average dimensions are 8" W x 5" D x 8" H  -Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Sugar Mold Candelabra of your choice) -Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days
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*FOUND* Hand-carved Antique Sugar Mold Candelabra, Pick Your Size

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