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Introducing Bushel and Berry Plants, the perfect addition to your garden and patio! These exceptional plants are specially bred for their compact size, making them ideal for containers and small spaces. With two options of berries, you can indulge in homegrown, sweet treats right from your own backyard. Not only do these plants provide delectable fruits, but they also offer stunning foliage and colorful blooms, adding beauty and charm to your outdoor space. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a novice, Bushel and Berry Plants are easy to care for and thrive in various climates. Transform your garden into a berry haven and savor the joy of fresh, flavorful fruits all season long with Bushel and Berry Plants! And YES - that low price is for TWO plants! And shipping is still just $5!

Here's a little more info to get to know each berry bush:

The Bushel & Berry Baby Cakes Blackberry is an exciting compact, thornless blackberry bush that brings fresh berry growing within the reach of everyone. Grow it among your flowering shrubs, or in pots on your terrace or balcony. It stays just 3 feet tall, and carries two crops a year, in June and September, of sweet, delicious blackberries you and your family will love. Eat them right from the bush or bake them into muffins and crumbles. The bush is ornamental too, with attractive foliage, clusters of white blooms, and red and black berries, all at the same time.

Small, compact plant ideal for container growing and small gardens
Large, sweet, delicious blackberries
Produces two big crops a year
Thornless, so painless to pick and prune
Ornamental too, with flowers plus red and black berries
Grow the Bushel & Berry® Baby Cakes Blackberry in full sun, in any well-drained soil, or in pots. It is vigorous and easy to grow, needing just a simple trimming once or twice a year. Regular fertilizer use will give you the largest crop. Growing your own berries, no matter how small your garden, can now be a reality.

The Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry is a fantastic bush that is completely thornless, so it’s fun to grow. It grows no more than 3 feet tall, so it doesn’t need support and can be grown right in your shrub and flower beds, and in pots and planters too. Yet it produces a good crop of full-sized delicious berries that are beautiful to see and to eat, with classic raspberry flavors, and the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Eat your home-grown berries fresh, in salads and desserts, or baked into delicious muffins, tarts and cakes.

Delicious summer crop of full-sized raspberries
Completely thornless stems pleasant to grow
Short plants fit into garden beds or pots
Enjoy a big harvest all though July
Easy to grow anywhere in the country
Full sun and rich, moist but well-drained soil will give the best results from the Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry. It is usually free of serious pests or diseases, and is resistant to viruses. Simply remove the old canes after you pick the last berries from them, leaving new canes to grow and fruit the following year. For planters, make sure they have drainage, and use a blended potting soil for outdoor pots, mixed with a small amount of garden soil. Feed regularly with liquid tomato food, or a fertilizer for fruit bushes.

  • Choose your plant set
  • A- Blackberry Bushel, set of 2
    In a 2.5 qt pots, set of two
    Performs best in usda hardiness zones 4-8
    Mature size is 3 to 4' tall and 2 to 3' wide
    A compact, dwarf blackerry with thornless canes
    Self-fertile and requires 400 chill hours
    Performs best in full sun
  • B- Raspberry bushel, set of 2
    In a 2.5 qt pots, set of two
    Performs best in usda hardiness zones 3-9
    Mature size is 3' tall and 3' wide
    A compact, dwarf raspberry with thornless canes
    Self-fertile and requires 800 chill hours
    Performs best in full sun
  • Packed: One set per package (you will receive two plants)
  • All sales final
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days!

Bushel and Berry Plants, Set of Two, Choose Your Style

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