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Our Story

Our Brand

Decor Steals stands out as an extraordinary, community-centric shopping destination that specializes in offering daily deals and curated home decor boxes tailored to a wide array of styles, including farmhouse, rustic, modern, vintage, and cottagecore. Our hand-picked collections primarily feature exclusive selections of furniture, wall decor, mirrors, shelves, baskets, and much more. Our journey began on Black Friday in 2009, when our Founder and CEO, Yasmin, shipped her very first steal directly from her garage in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Over time, Decor Steals has blossomed into a national brand, delighting countless satisfied customers by providing them with affordable home decor that truly transforms their houses into homes they cherish.

Our People

Decor Steals maintains an unwavering bond with our vibrant community of creative individuals through various social media channels. We deeply value our association with those who place immense importance on self-expression and seek out inspiration for their homes.

Our Customers

Our cherished customers embody a vibrant spirit of creativity, valuing authenticity and individuality in every aspect of their lives. They possess a natural inclination towards self-expression, reflected in their meticulous and personal approach to interior decor, embracing the harmonious ambiance of their homes. While personal style holds paramount importance to them, they remain independent from the constraints of passing trends. At Decor Steals, we deeply value the voices of our customers and draw inspiration from our spirited community, actively seeking their input and feedback. Our ultimate goal is to surpass their every expectation, consistently surprising them with unexpected and delightful experiences.

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Our Location

Corporate - West Palm Beach

207 E. Blue Heron Blvd. Ste 3
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
+1 (561) 758-5043