Exclusive Magnolia Wreath, Pick Your Size / Farmhouse Fresh


-Decor Steals Exclusive
-Faux fabric magnolia leaves with metal shapable wire
A - 24" Diameter (when fully fluffed) w/ a 14" Ring 
B - 30" Diameter (when fully fluffed) w/ a 20" Ring 
-Shipped with leaves turned around to protect from damage (see last photo) simply twist to turn
-Hand crafted
-Indoor/Outdoor use (yup! We heard you loud and clear)
-Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one magnolia wreath in the size you choose)
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


Oh HAPPY DAY (oh did we say that LOUD enough?)! NOT only did we bring back our famous magnolia wreath "The TOP seller of 2016" but also we thought it all through after months of use and improved MANY details!!


You know how we love challenges around here, right? Well, we took your feedback and shaped them into this magnolia wreath. And it was NOT an easy task! These babies (when you find them) are SUPER expensive and most of the time made of cheap cracking paper material and the craftsmanship is NOT there! Well, this all changes today...


We designed this magnolia wreath with YOU in mind! We wanted the perfect size (check and check!), fabric leaves with SO many details (check!), wire inserts so the leaves can be formed and molded anyway you want (check!), outdoor approved (check! No really we tested it outside in Florida humidity and heat for 2 months...NO damage at all!), and of course an UNBEATABLE price (CHECK!!) 


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how farmhouse fresh and simplistic these wreaths are! Dress them up or leave them as is for the perfect addition to your spaces! These beautiful faux magnolia wreaths are sure to make a fresh & natural addition to your home. They will surround you with natural texture and purity. Each wreath is perfectly crafted to capture the simplicity and beauty of nature...


Just picture these wreaths greeting you at your door as you come home from a beautiful summer's evening. Imagine these used as centerpieces holding candles, cloches, and so much more! Hmm...wouldn't these be perfect for an outdoor wedding! We're thinking rustic backyard wedding! Over the holidays add holly and fall decor to give these a little character! You get the picture!


Oh and to make a super sweet deal even sweeter we have brought you two perfect sizes! Option A can range from 16" - 24" diameter depending on the amount of fluffing and Option B can range from 22" - 30" diameter! Oh and did we mention that unbelievable price?! We have seen these for double....even triple our price!