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Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: What's In, What's Out in 2021

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: What's In, What's Out in 2021

Your first question might be, Isn't decorating above kitchen cabinets out of style? The short answer is no, but let's dive a little deeper into what's in and out for 2021.

1. Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets Secret Stash...Shhh

Decorating above kitchen cabinets is in style all the way! Just keep in mind that secret stashes should be as visible as their name implies...hidden and not seen. This is more achievable for those with higher ceilings and kitchen cabinets that match that height. If you have lower cabinets, secret stashes are a big no! They only create a cluttered look that, let's be honest, no one wants to see. If you insist on a hideaway for kitchens with lower cabinets, try using cubies or canisters! Still hidden and can add a stylish touch to your space.

2. Art Gallery above Cabinets

An art gallery above your cabinets is "IN" and super innovative! Use the space above your cabinets to decorate and display your collection of art. Treat this space as a gallery wall and add in different heights and textures to really make the space appealing. Bringing in some surprising elements like brass frames for some extra pop will really dramatize the room. This option is great for lower cabinets with high ceilings, but this option can work for just about anyone. You can get creative with the art and if you are having trouble finding just the right pieces, try printing abstracts or making your own abstract masterpiece! This is a great way to save money without anyone knowing.

Art above Kitchen Cabinets
Photo Credit: HGTV Canada

3. Creamware Collection

In style and a fun way to display your favorite pieces! Collect creamware platters and plates and display them in the space above your cabinets to build drama without taking away from your other decor. If you are wanting to go a little more bold display your china and colorful plates. We LOVE this option because not only is a bold statement but it also is super functional! Great for making your dinnerware easy to grab. If collective platters and dinnerware aren't your things, you can always display pitchers, vases and even your pots and pans. The options are endless! we know you have a collection of something hoarding up your kitchen and this is the perfect way to give those items the attention they deserve.

Creamware above Kitchen Cabinets
Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

4. Cookbooks

Calling all foodies! Cookbooks above your kitchen cabinets are totally in and what a perfect spot to organize and store your favorite recipes. Use bookends to keep them in place and voila..your done! This is a favorite because you can never have enough cookbooks and you can get creative by strategically places your books based on color to brighten up your space. Fun and super function right!? We love this for all those kitchens out there that have tons of empty space above. It's such a struggle sometimes to figure out what to do with ALL that open space. We get it! It's a daunting task to take on and sometimes all we need to do is take a step back and think of items we already have or how we can use the space in a way that's functional and stylish without trying too hard. Books are it!

Cookbooks above Kitchen Cabinets
Photo Credit: Kitchn

5. Greenery Kitchen

Greenery above cabinets is always in style! That is, of course, if you have a green thumb. No one wants to stare at dead plants above your cabinets. Having a fresh variety of plants is nice and opt for ones that are easy to take care of (ivory, spider plant, philodendron, etc). If your green thumb isn't so good, don't worry, add some faux plants and garland instead.

One of the best things about greenery and plants is that they almost can be classified as art. Depending on the style and how many different variations you go with each space is truly transformed and takes on its own personality. You can add some terrariums mixed in with some potted plants and maybe even throw in some herbs! This would add some freshness to your cooking without being too much extra work.

Kitchen With Greenery
Photo Credit: Shake My Blog

6. Brick Wall Accent

Hit a brick wall! Spice up the texture of the space with a little brick accent wall behind the top of your cabinets. You can choose to do real brick or for a simple solution try a peel and stick textured wallpaper. Either way, you will get the same look and a pop of texture that truly takes the space to a whole different level. We love how a brick wall separates the space and allows you to keep the space above the cabinets empty while still adding drama.

White Kitchen with Brick Above Cabinets
Photo Credit: Lark & Linen

7. Stylish Storage Above Cabinets

We love this option! You can never have enough storage and if you are working with small spaces it gets even more critical. That wasted space above your cabinets is THE perfect location for some stylish wicker baskets, wooden crates (check out this cool DIY), and even colored plastic boxes for a pop of color.

Kitchen Cabinet Decor Example
Photo Credit: Kitchn

Using your kitchen cabinet space for good and finding a functional purpose for it isn't always easy. Use these helpful tips, your creativity and find a need and fulfill it! You really can't go wrong as long as you feel that it adds value and creates a cozy environment for you and your family.

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