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3 Holiday Charcuterie Boards

3 Holiday Charcuterie Boards To Get The Party Started!

Ever get stuck on what to bring to a party that'll really be a hit with any crowd? Well our friend Susan from @tablefor5please has 3 AMAZING Holiday Charcuterie Boards to get the party started! These displays will be the hit at any gathering. However, the only problem will be that they look so good, no one will want to mess up the creative beauty! Meanwhile, be sure to check out our current selection of trays and boards.


Wreath Charcuterie

This is one of the easiest healthy snack charcuterie! You also don’t need a wreath-shaped board to do this, just place items in a circle. Most importantly, this pairs PERFECT with wine! Here’s what Susan used:

  1. Circular meat shaped around a glass to make roses (Salami used here)
  2. Assorted olives
  3. Mozzarella balls
  4. Basil

Such a fun and beautiful way to display food for a holiday gathering! In other words, the perfect Holiday Charcuterie Board!


Hot Cocoa Board

It’s that time of year again! What better way to celebrate cooler temps than with a hot cocoa bar? Everyone can choose how they want their favorite treat!
Here is what Susan used:

  1. Assorted hot cocoa bombs
  2. Hot cocoa powder
  3. Assorted marshmallows
  4. Chocolate chips
  5. Sprinkles (Jimmies for the fellow Northeasterners)
  6. Caramels
  7. Candy canes
  8. White chocolate-covered pretzel rods
  9. Chocolate peppermint stirrers
  10. Mini M&Ms
  11. Rolled wafers
  12. Cookie mug huggers

Make your own hot cocoa! Grab a bomb or powder and add any toppings you want!


Guacamole Dip Charcuterie
Guac is always a hit, right?? Spice it up for the holidays by adding guacamole to a tree dish and top with small cherry tomatoes for ornaments. Additionally, use an optional star dish with ranch dip if you really want to take it to the next level. Serve with red and green chips to make it extra festive. That’s it! Enjoy!
You have a TREEmendous holiday tree that takes 5 minutes! That is to say, sometimes easy and cute is what we need around the holidays.

Now It's Party Time!

So there you have it, 3 creative and easy ideas for your Holiday Charcuterie Boards. Don't get stuck being that guest who brings the neighborhood pre-made cupcakes to the party. Above all, have a wonderful holiday season! You can check out other blogs like this and many more recipes and styling tips in our Decor Steals Journal


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  • Mary Champagne

    Please tell me where I can get that tray! Do y’all sell it?!?! If not can I know where it’s from or the size, please?

  • Neva Doyle

    Those are all so cute and creative. The meats and shears are always a hit. My family loves all the various gray and graze on them all day!
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Neva!

    We are so happy that you enjoyed the blog and all of the fun ideas! Be on the lookout for even more to come! Happy Holidays!


  • Sherri Tew

    I absolutely love your finds. (Unfortunately, I’m on a tight budget, due to being disabled.) But that doesn’t stop me from looking (and longing) for so many of your steals. Keep up the great work, and eventually I WILL buy something special. By the way, your website is the ONLY décor website I look at daily.
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Sherri!

    We are so thrilled to have your love and support – you don’t know what it means to our small team! We hope our site sparks a little joy everyday and wish you the merriest of Christmases!


  • Debbie

    Thank you, Decor Steals Staff, for providing three diverse Charcuterie board ideas. Even the easiest, chips&dip, was up a notch. Cute guacamole in a tree-shape, ranch dressing in star-shape dish, and last but not least red and green tortilla chips.
    Merry Christmas to you all.🌲
    Decor Steals replied:
    Hi Debbie!

    We are so glad you enjoyed our ideas and hope you create a masterpiece of your own! Be sure to share with us and hope you have a Merry Christmas – from our team to you!


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