Vintage Inspired / Rotating Wall Hook Unit


-Vintage Inspired Reproduction  
-Made of cast iron metal
-Dimensions: 3.5 Wide x 6" Deep X 6" High
-Accessories are not included
-Each unit is equipped with 6 hooks total. 2 Fixed and 4 rotating
-Packed: One Per Package (you will receive ONE Rotating Wall Hook) 
-A maximum quantity of 14 is allowed per customer. Sorry we want to make sure we have enough for every one
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days.


Yaaaay!!! We are truly happy about this deal... We sold out so quickly the two times we brought it to you before!  


This incredible piece speaks stories to us! The designer modeled this functional piece of art after an antique hook found in an old house in the US. The only issue is we couldn't get a lot this time as well so we limited the buying to 2 per customer. The manufacturer just can't keep them in stock!


The original hook was invented by Henkel Brattleboro and patented in July 1895. So both the original and the reproduction carry that info on them...We love the attention to detail in this unit and the rotating bottom part! How convenient is this? But what we love most is the amazing price we are able to offer. 


Use it in your foyer, kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom....just about any space could benefit from this piece!


PS: Check out how our friend @gracenotecandleco used her rotating hook in photo #2 :)