Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar {Christmas Cheer}

Item No. 5972
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar {Christmas Cheer}

Item No. 5972
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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  • Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar {Christmas Cheer}
  • $5 shipping for the first jar and $2 for each additional jar.
  • This is old fashion vintage Glass Glitter produced by the same family of glass workers in a small village in Germany for over 100 years.
  •  German Glass Glitter is a very special blend of Glass Glitters. Both the Silver and the gold have a silver (as in the metal silver) base.
  • Imported directly from Germany.
  • Make sure you go through all the photos to see some of the coolest projects that you can do with this glitter.
  • Options:

A- MMS Silver German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar - "Tiara Silver"
B- MMS Gold German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar - "14 Karat"
C- MMS White German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar - "Fallen Snow"

  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter 4oz Jar in the color you chose)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days

Today is something else!!! We haven't been able to bring back this super popular Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter since WAY back in November of 2014!! And BOY oh BOY are we EXCITED!!!! Every time we sell this beautiful glitter it sells out in no time so HURRY and grab some before it all goes!!


There are many varieties of glass glitter but NOTHING and we repeat NOTHING comes close to the quality of this line. It's just so sparkly and beautiful... It will inspire you to glitter anything and everything! Oh man did you see all the projects MMS did??? Make sure to go through all the photos above! And she even added a gorgeous new tutorial TODAY see here.

We TRULY love this German Glass Glitter not only because a dear friend of ours hand picked it and is passionate about it but also because it tells a story of a little factory in Germany! This little family-owned factory in a small village in Germany has been producing this old fashioned glitter for over 100 years! Now how heart-warming is this?

We wish you were with us to hear how proud the importer was while explaining to us all about this glitter. He spoke of the different types the coatings the crushing and the time tested process that includes real silver coatings a multi-step very labor intensive production process and love and patience that goes behind it... Oh and if you read Marian's posts about this glitter you will fall in love as much as we did!  All of this just made this deal that MUCH more special and dear to our hearts!

Here is some things she said (and we quote): "I remember getting my first order.  It was so sparkly and beautiful…not like any other glitter out there.  I started glittering anything that would hold still long enough…"

Here is more "technical" information right from Marian: "If you’re not familiar with it German glass glitter is made in Germany and it is made from crushed glass so the name is literal.  It’s definitely a “big girl” glitter and not one that is for kid’s crafts. Since it’s crushed glass it does have sharp edges but in all of my years working with it I’ve only been stuck once or twice."

"A 4 oz. jar which is plenty to do dozens of ornaments pine cones or chipboard letters.  It is my own custom blend of my favorite grits that I use for all of my projects.  To use it simply brush the surface you want to glitter with a white school glue (like Elmer’s) and sprinkle it with the glitter.  Definitely do this over a tray or container so you catch every bit of glitter and can reuse it.  The glass glitter will tarnish like silver over time which can look lovely if it doesn’t go too far.  I store mine in a lidded plastic container when it’s not used for Christmas and it has stayed beautiful for several years.  Pieces that are left out year round will tarnish more as they are exposed to the air."


You know our commitment to always bring you the next big thing in the design & DIY world well this is it! And if you are like us love to create your own things then don't let this amazing deal at this INCREDIBLE price pass you by! Oh and we forgot to mention that we are holding our shipping at $5 for the first jar and ONLY $2 for each additional jar!



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