*HUGE* Wooden Baguette Board

Item No. 2162
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

*HUGE* Wooden Baguette Board

Item No. 2162
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Handmade in Mexico from solid natural wood with natural distresses such as carvings and small cracks
-Dimensions: Sized may vary 38"-40" Wide x 5"-6" Deep x 2"-3" High 
-Packed: One per package (you will receive one Wooden Baguette Board)
-A maximum quantity of 6 is allowed per customer
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days

Isn't this deal just AWESOME? These HUGE (no really 40" LOOONG that is!) vintage-inspired reproduction Baguette Boards are to die for!


These gorgeous baguette boards have been handmade in Mexico by the same family for over 100 years using the same materials and methods! Each piece has a slightly different and organic free-form design. These molds are TRULY beautiful and literally are one of a kind! We know how much you ADORE beautiful pieces with rich history so this piece was definitely a no brainer!


Did you know baguette boards were originally made specifically to make French Baguettes in Europe many many many years ago? They were used to shape the dough and once baked the banquettes were put back on the board to cool.


You can use this piece decoratively by placing it in your kitchen bathroom living room or bedroom and laying down some beautiful flower stems herb stems or cotton stems in it! We LOVE the idea of adding greenery and texture to your home by filling the board with boxwood balls! You can ALSO change out the decor for the holidays by placing some pine cones in it or poinsettias for the winter holidays or you can fill it with mini pumpkins for the fall holidays!


Just imagine the history it will add to your home! Oh and did you get a glimpse of the price?! We promise you won't be able to find an authentic handcrafted piece like this anywhere for this price!



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