{HUGE} Open Pipe Shelving Unit

Item No. 2233
4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating

{HUGE} Open Pipe Shelving Unit

Item No. 2233
4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Beautifully crafted of wood and metal
-Assembly required
-Dimensions: 39.5" Wide x 10" Deep x 48" High (it's HUGE)
-Packed: One Per Package (You will receive one Open Pipe Shelving System)
-A maximum quantity of 4 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!

YAY! WE-COULD-NOT-WAIT for the clock to strike 10!!! The steal we bring you this morning is one of our faves (apparently yours too)! Last time we offered a pipe shelving unit like this we SOLD OUT in no time... so we are ecstatic to finally bring you our very own EXCLUSIVE decorative pipe shelf designed just for you...our favorite stealers!


Throughout the year we go through thousands and thousands of pieces with one goal in mind; to bring you very special finds on STEAL DAY! But we created this very special piece from scratch!!! YESSS!You've called and we've answered.

And you wouldn't believe the quality of this piece. Beautiful thick metal pipes sturdy ash wood carefully crafted rustic detail... Check Check and Check!

It is very important to us to make sure you: 1. Tell your story and enrich your home experience. 2. Get the bestquality. 3. Save some serious coin! Well today's steal is on top of that list...the idea the design the size the finish and of course the functionality! It is just what we've been looking for! A piece like this will upgrade your room and add so much character it will take away that builder grade grunt...So this morning we couldn't be more excited (and we mean it) to offer you this HUGE (48" tall) pipe shelving unit at such a great price!! 


Today's deal truly has it all! We simply ADORE the combination of wood and metal in their somewhat raw forms. Use it in your foyer office craft room kitchen (imagine open shelving cabinets!) bathroom mudroom...the sky is the limit!


The best part about this piece is that incredible price! I mean it’s simply AMAZING! Oh and did we mention this LARGE piece still ships at our low cost of $5?! Yep we agree... it is too good to be true :)


PS - Check out how our friends used their shelves! @thesaltedstripe and @hangthemoondesigns (photo #1) and  @shabbydesertnest (photo #2)




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