HUGE Living Spring Hydrangeas Bundle of 10 Stems

Item No. 5487
3.7 out of 5 Customer Rating

HUGE Living Spring Hydrangeas Bundle of 10 Stems

Item No. 5487
3.7 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Highest quality hydrangeas hand harvested from Latin America
-Each bundle comes with 10 hydrangea stems - straight to you from the farm!
-Pro Tip: These beauties are HUGE! Make sure to fluff carefully to get them as HUGE as possible!
-Dimensions Vary: Average height is 20"; Bloom width between 5" - 7"
-Color: Blue Hydrangeas are naturally a mix of blue and green tones
-Flower Care: Refer to "Why We Love It" Section
-Packed: One Bundle per package (you will receive 10 Hydrangea Stems of your color choosing)
-Due to the nature of the product there is a no return policy on this item.
Shipping: Signature Required (Can be delivered to your home or office!) Ships within 3-5 business days!

Can you believe the official start of Spring is less than a month away?  We are SO ready for it! Yaaaay!!!! To celebrate we are offering our truly beautiful FULLY ALIVE hydrangeas.


They LOOK real and FEEL real because these hydrangeas ARE REAL!  No they are not your typical grocery store hydrangeas that will die overnight! These beauties are grown to last! With proper care they can even last up to a week or MORE! WOO-HOO! These premium hydrangeas a hand harvested and picked fresh from a farm in Latin America! From there they hop on a plane straight to you! Their HUGEEE blooms can average upwards of 7" Wide and 20" Tall! Yes that is right 7" WIDE! Grocery Hydrangeas are usually HALF this size making this an even sweeter deal!


These would look fabulous on a fireplace mantel or make a stunning centerpiece grouped on your dining table under agorgeous chandelier. Or even nestled within your ironstone collection for an added touch of life! Take it to your gloomy dark office to bring nature in and scare the shadows away. They would also be PERFECT just as a gift to yourself or that special family member or friend! Such an easy and affordable way to put a smile on someone's face :)


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Check out how our friends are using theirs in the photos above: @dreamingofhomemaking (photo #1) @desertdecor (photo #2) @angieswreathsandmore (photo #3) and @thepickledrose (photo #4)




Things To Know:
-You will receive a quarter-sized box full of fresh cut hydrangea flowers each stem has a bag of water attached at the bottom to guarantee hydration.
-With proper care which means placing them on cool buckets of water and keeping them in a cool area they will last for a good couple of days to a week or more!
-More tips for longer life: Fill with Ice and chilled water (make sure to use this same process when refilling your vase). Make sure vase is large enough to keep stems submerged in water at all times; Hydrangeas drink a lot of water - it is key to make sure your vase is filled at all times. If you allow water to dwindle stems will dry out faster. Cut the ends of the flower stems with scissors in a diagonal direction about 1-1.5 inches so the flowers will absorb more water. Remove leaves that fall below the water line. Decayed leaves can cause bacterial growth that can thwart the life of your flowers. Make sure to change the water every couple of days following the steps above.
-All deliveries require an adult (18+ years) signature. Can be delivered to your home or office!



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