Farmhouse Living / Galvanized Hanging Bucket Planter, Set Of 3


-Beautifully crafted of galvanized metal and wooden handles.
-Dimensions-Each: 7" Wide x 4" Deep x 12" High.
-Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive THREE identical Galvanized Hanging Bucket Planters)
-A maximum quantity of 8 sets (24 baskets) is allowed per customer. Sorry we want to make sure we have enough for everyone
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


Whether you are looking for beauty or function these are the buckets for you!  With cool, clean lines the galvanized metal makes a great contrast to the textures you are apt to fill them with.  We think they are great for organizing your stuff or enhancing your décor.  This trio (Yup! You get THREE) is a perfect addition to your Autumn décor inside AND outside!


They are just the perfect size to go on any of your walls! They are TRULY functional and can be used almost anywhere in your house:

-In the kitchen for recipe cards, utensils and cooking books.
-In the powder room for supplies.
-In the kids' room for their little toys.
-In the foyer for mail.
-In the living room for cards and notes.
-In the bedroom for the easy reads before bed or in the office and/or crafts room for your favorite tools and supplies! :o)


Yes! You are reading the price right...that IS for ALL THREE- LOL..... 


PS: Check out the amazing way our friend @modishandmain is using her set of 3 in photos #2-4 :)