Green Basil Stems

Item No. 5481
3.1 out of 5 Customer Rating

Green Basil Stems

Item No. 5481
3.1 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Hand crafted culinary herbs designed to resemble the real thing
-Set of 3
-Pick your style
-A: Rosemary Stem 24" Long
-B: Green Basil Stem 24" Long
-C: Spearmint Stem 21" Long
-D: Sage Stem 21" Long
-Packed: One set per package (you will receive three stems in the style you choose)

We ADORE fresh greenery but it isn't always practical easy or CHEAP (for those of us without a green thumb) to grow herbs or flowers and we KNOW you've seen these on recent popular Home Decorating shows and have ONLY dreamed of adding some to your home. That's why we are SO EXCITED to bring our fellow nongreen thumbers our hand crafted herb stems!


Each stem comes in a bundle of three stems and is designed with exacting detail to mimic the real thing! Incorporate some florals and brighten up your home decor while also adding some texture AND movement! Their realistic natural beauty will add dimension to ANY room! We can just see vase after vase mason jar after mason jar FILLED with bundles of these realistic stems!! Place them on your mantle dining room table coffee table vanity or dresser!! The options are ENDLESS because they TRULY will add BEAUTY to any room you put them in! You can even toss a couple of bundles into a dough bowl and place it on the counter in your kitchen too! These stems are so versatile! You can even hang them on your very own herbal drying rack as if they were freshly picked (shhh...don't worry we won't tell anyone that they aren't real).


These stems look so UNBELIEVABLY real and will add the PERFECT touch of southern charm to your home. But hurry friends! At this price these beauties won't last! Our source can't even keep them in stock- they are THAT popular! 



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