Farmhouse Vintage

Item No. 971
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Farmhouse Vintage

Item No. 971
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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You have probably seen these amazing mason jar lids all over the internet used in so many different ways! But we bet you haven't seen anything this cool! Use these lids to add a pour spout and convert your large or small mason jars (with regular mouth) into holders for rice other grains salt dried herbs nuts sunflower seeds candy Jelly Bellies! Fish food and MANY other food related items! Now you can also use them in your crafty area for beads buttons clips and MUCH MUCH more. See we told you they are super cool! Click here to see some of the inspiring ideas we came across!

We knew you would need multiples so we packaged this deal in sets of 4s to save you on shipping!




  • {Farmhouse Vintage} Metal Mason Jar Lid With Flip Up Spout Set Of 4
  • Crafted of food safe metal 
  • The spout flips up and down in open or close position
  • Mason jars are NOT included
  • Fits any regular mouth Mason jar (the standard size)
  • Dimensions- each: 2.5" Diameter
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (You will receive 4 Metal Mason Jar Lids)
  • A maximum quantity of 8 sets is allowed per customer(that's 48 lids)
  • Shipped from our warehouse within 10 business days.


So many uses! Click to see what inspired us:

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