Farm Animal Metal Wall Art Set of 3

Item No. 2741
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Farm Animal Metal Wall Art Set of 3

Item No. 2741
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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-Beautifully crafted of metal with a perfect white paint finish
-The signs read:
1. Farm Fresh Eggs Best Choice
2. Farmers Market Smoked Hams Bacon
3. Dairy Products Butter Eggs Cheese
-Dimensions: Each sign is 12” Wide x 12” High
-Packed: Three Per Package (you will receive THREE Metal Farm Animal Signs)
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!

Rise and shine Stealers!!! We‘re super excited about today’s deal. We’re talking SUPER EXCITED!!! Now here at Décor Steals we ADORE all things wall art and all things farm animal which is why when we laid eyes on these metal farm animal signs we knew it was love! This steal makes us want to burst into song we’re soooo overjoyed!! Give us an E-I-E-I OHHHHH won’t ya?!


We CANNOT wait to see where you put these ADORABLE signs! We can already imagine them over your kitchen counter next to a fruit bowl or vase or hanging on the empty wall next to your fridge. They would also look SOOOO cute on the wall over your breakfast nook. Pieces like this one bring so much charm character and farm-fresh flair it’s no wonder they don’t last long!


SERIOUSLY it won’t last!!! And as always our shipping rate is STILL only $5! :-)



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