{DIY Charm} Wire Metal Topiary Globe, Set Of 2 (Two Pieces a Set)


-Crafted from wire metal and shaped as domes
-Each globe comes in two pieces(domes). The two pieces clip together to shape the globe AND you get two globes
-Urns and plants are not included
-Dimensions-each: 16" Diameter  (16" diameter Ball when assembled)
-Packed: One Set of 2 Per Package (you will receive two globes - each globe consists of 2 domes- 4 pieces total)
-A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
-Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days


OH YES it is time to get excited because they are finally back!! These Topiary Globes are one of those deals we literally CANNOT keep in stock! But after ALOT of hard work we FINALLY got some more! Hurry and grab yours before they all sell out :D


Every entry door deserves to be outlined with two beautiful topiaries! Nothing screams classic charm more than that picture! The only issue is the HEFTY price tag topiaries carry!


Well, we decided to address this issue by bringing you two metal wire globes (you get two full globes with two domes each) to help you grow and shape the topiaries of your choice. Yup, any climbing plant will work... Isn't that just soooo cool?


Make your own topiary using Ivy, Wisteria, TrumpetVine, Clematis, etc! Pick the right plant and you can even have topiaries indoors! Place them on your coffee table, night stand, windowsills, mantel and outdoors... These globes are truly large at 16" diameter and we love that! Because besides making amazing topiaries, they will also make amazing hanging chandeliers with one pendant light kit added or even beautifully lighted globes if you wrap them with string lights!


*Just to clarify all the questions we have been getting: Yes you get a total of two FULL globes. Each globe has two domes. So you get 4 pieces total that will make two sets. Hope this makes sense! :)

PS: Check out the AMAZING way our friend Marianne at Llewminate used her topiary globe to create a beautiful chandelier on photo #9 :)