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The best way to get support or get in touch with anyone from our team is to visit our CONTACT US page. You can fill out a simple form or just shoot us an email if that is easier. Our Customer Service team is dedicated to making your experience with Decor Steals the very best it can be, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter an issue, have a question, want to give us suggestions or provide feedback!

Our Customer Service team is typically excellent about acknowledging and resolving any tickets or emails they receive so if you have reached out and have not heard back in two business days, please double check your spam and junk email folders to make sure our responses have not been getting stuck there! If that is not the case, please reach back out to or via the CONTACT US form so we have the opportunity to help. Even with the best laid plans, glitches happen…. We promise we are not intentionally ignoring any outreach from you!

To sign up for email notifications for ALL our deals, subscribe HERE. If you want to receive SMS / text message alerts for just “Today’s Deals” (each day at 10am EST) you can sign up for those HERE (but we still recommend you sign up for our emails in order to stay in the loop on email exclusive steals and beyond). We try to only send messages to those folks that want to receive them so if you have not been opening or clicking through to your email or SMS messages from us, we may reduce the frequency of those sends. If you want to go back to getting all our messages, just say the word and we will be happy to help! If you used to receive email notifications but no longer do, you can also try a few things. 1) Add to your email address book to let your email provider know that you want to receive our messages in your inbox 2) double check the promotions, spam or junk folders in your email to make sure our messages aren’t landing there and 3) email customer service to have them look in to your account and add you back to the lists if necessary! They can be reached HERE or at

You’re right! We only send one SMS out per day to announce our main 3 deals around 10am EST, however we do have a daily Flash deal and ocassional extras deals that are only sent to email subscribers. Even if you prefer the SMS notification every morning, we recommend you also subscribe to get emails so you don’t miss out on these email exclusives!

Not finding the answers you need? Please Contact Us – we are happy to help and want to make shopping at Decor Steals easy and FUN!